Monday, March 29, 2010

Girls vs Cars

Fast cars or fast women? What if you could only have one?

Cars always warm up quickly-
1 point: Cars

Cars don't talk back
1 point: Cars

Cars are always "girls" as in "She's a beauty"
Girls aren't always girls as in "Shemale"

1 point: Cars

Girls have better headlights
1 point: girls

Cars always have gas

1 point: girls

A car with the top down is nice.

A girl with her top down is awesome.
1 point: girls

With a car, you decide when to put on the brakes.
1 point: cars

With cars, no one cares if there's junk in the trunk.
1 point: cars

With cars, bigger back seats are desirable.

1 point: toss up - depends on your ethnic background.

Cars have mufflers
1 point: cars

Cars don't have knees
1 point: girls

Car seats look good in leather
Girl seats look better in leather

1 point girls

A stripped down, souped up car makes a hot rod
A stripped down, souped up girl makes a rod hot

1 point girls

Decision - It's a tie. You need them both.
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  1. Hey Nice one man!! keep up the good work..Both tie tie in my opinion too..Girls may get a point ahead as it has ..