Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Words

I've come up with some new words I'll be submitting to Mr. Webster and Mr. Dictionary.com for consideration to be included in their next edition. I'm sure they will soon become household words so you might want to use them now while they're still cool. :)

Sketty - Because spaghetti is too long and hard to spell. "I'll have the Sketty and meatballs."

Shamburger - Veggie Burger

Holijew - Jews that act holy for the holidays and then act like regular people after they're over.

Clam dip - Female version of "tea bag".

Spraying - Saying prayers to a crowd.

Misterine - Mouthwash for men.

Blouse clowns - Two large breasts on a jogger with no bra.

Manicure - Lesbianism.

Cereal killer - Granola bar.

Haul ass - Donkey.

Keg - What your six pack turns into after you turn 50.

Pungent - Male comedian.

Minimal - A small animal. "We need some traps for those damn minimals."

Fundamental - Donate money to someone who rides the short bus.

Voyaging - Secretly watching old people.

Hactor - A bad actor.

Brainium - A better word for cranium.

Comatose - What you get when your foot falls asleep.

Handicap - yamulka

Brewhaha - Non-alcoholic beer

Listhp - Because lispers can't say lisp without lisping.

Silicon Valley - Cleavage.

Noassatall - Having an extremely small rear end. "Oh, Myomi has a bad case of noassatall."