Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stop The Madness!

Disclaimer: While writing this post I was taking steroids that were prescribed for a nasty sinus infection I had at the time. The steroids made me a little, or according to my wife, more than a little edgy. I'm not usually an angry, violent, sarcastic (ok maybe sarcastic) butthead. Really!

I really hate all the politically correct speak that's going around these days. It's insane the way it's become so important to label everything so that no one gets offended. Don't get offended, just get over it. I don't know why but it really makes my blood boil. Maybe it's because it was originally used primarily for sales purposes to make the buyer feel empowered and feel good about themselves and now it's crept into everyday conversation and it's just a pile of BS.

Let's start with the wife. Everyone seems to enjoy her stories. She loves dogs, especially puppies. Every one she sees is the cutest, most precious dog she's ever laid her eyes on. When she spots someone with a furry little canine friend she has to approach them and pet the dog. Since that's what she wants to do, she should ask the owner if she can pet the dog. But no, she says "Oh, your dog is adorable, may I say hello?" Apparently she doesn't want to pet it before getting a formal introduction. "Hello, what's your name" asks the wife. "My name is Fida and I'm a Bulldog, Shih Tzu mix which makes me a Bullshih." Oh, perfect. Because that's what the wife is going to do with the owner for the next 30 minutes. Lucky me.